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That night in February, 2007...

On Oscar night, 2007, while watching the various stars and filmmakers receive their honors we couldn’t help thinking, “one day that’s gonna be us!” And although we had gone through this ritual and spoke this same mantra year after year, that year it was said with a passion and exuberance that was focused toward making that dream a reality. That was the year we decided to write, direct and produce our own film projects!

After years of waiting for directors and agents to give us our “big break”, we resolved to be more pro-active and take matters into our own hands.  Since 1999 we’ve written several screenplays that we’ve just been sitting on. One in particular had risen above the others as one that could potentially be made into a profitable feature film.  To that end, we formed our own production company, MannsMade Productions, and set into motion the production of our first film short, “Before and After”.

Since then we released our creative efforts and continued crafting other film shorts.  They include "Somebody's Gonna Pay", a dramatic piece we collaborated with DeepSky Digital/Dotfilmz and co-produced which was shot entirely with the amazing RED One camera.  Our documentary short, "Five Acres' Digital Storytelling Experience", shared the therapeutic experiences of foster children and the adults who worked with them who used digital storytelling to empower themselves.  "Destined to Be", a love story set as a series for television and the internet, was our latest effort that explores love between two most unlikely couples.

We continue to embrace our belief of "finding another way" to do what we love!  We hope you enjoy our efforts.

Gregor and Natalie Manns

Co-Founders,  MannsMade Productions

MannsMade Productions: Finding  Another Way!

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